Ecuador Leading Expat Destination

Ecuador Leading Expat Destination

Ecuador remains a leading destination for people expatriating their countries for a better lifestyle, especially during retirement. There are many wonderful benefits to living in a place like Ecuador, but it is a big leap to leave ones own country for another. We want you to experience first hand what its like here, and give you the information you need in order to make the right choices when it comes to living in Ecuador.

Introducing the Lifestyle Tours

There are many things to consider when relocating to another country. Some people just like the idea of living in another country, while others may have personal reasons. But whatever the motive, we have created a tour that will give you a first hand experience of what its like to live in Ecuador.

First Tour Scheduled for April 2-10,2016

Ecuador is NOT for everybody

There are plenty of promises out there for a better lifestyle, but we don’t want you to be disillusioned, we want to give you information that will help you in planning your future. Our hope is that you will see for yourself before you make that all-important decision. The Lifestyle Tours, in conjunction with the No. 1 Expat Online Newsletter CUENCA HIGH LIFE, features guest speakers who will talk about the intricacies of moving abroad including visa applications, purchasing real estate, cost of living, healthcare and more.

The first Lifestyle Tour begins in Guayaquil from the international airport (GYE) to your hotel, and includes a panoramic tour of Ecuador’s second largest city, and then a picturesque drive along the coast to the colorful surfing beach town of Montañita. After two days in the coastal region, we head to the Cajas National Park and continue the tour in Cuenca, the country’s cultural capital, where many expats have chosen to live. Here you will have the opportunity to see properties (rentals and condos), and see our main shopping areas and meet experts and expats.

Don’t miss this opportunity, if you are thinking about moving to Ecuador.

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