Deep Discount Travel Card

The Deep Discount Travel Card allows you to take advantage of last-minute deals to the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Rainforest, or any tours in Ecuador, offered through Cazhuma Tours.


VIP Preferential Booking – Members will receive advanced notification on discounted tours, depending on availability.

  • We will save your preferred travel profile, making booking trips easier in the future
  • You will be entitled to deeper discounts each time you travel with Cazhuma Tours
  • We will be adding travel related discounts to local restaurants and more
  • Start taking advantage of our last-minute deals (up to 60% off)
  • 20% off Spanish Lessons
  • Membership Requirements:

    Lifetime Membership registration for a one-time fee of $20.

  • Book your first trip with Cazhuma Tours on any tour over $700 – and we will credit your membership fee against your trip
  • Result: Your membership is FREE
  • Once we receive the $20 membership fee, we will issue you with a receipt, a downloable Membership card and your Membership No., which you can print
  • In Cuenca call 7 283 2052 or email: to register

    Money and Documents

    $US (USD) lowest denominations $1, $5, $10, $20 (anything over $20 may not be accepted)
    Valid passport (minimum 6 months before expiration) and a color copy of your passport
    Travel insurance – We recommend you provide your own travel insurance as non of the tours includes travel or medical insurance.
    Luggage Allowance:
    Ecuadorian domestic airlines permit 23 kilos (50 lb) which can be divided into 2 suitcases, but both cases no more than 23 kilos (50 lb) (maximum 2 per person in Economy Class. Premium Business and Premium Economy Class 3 pieces 23 kilos (50 lb) each.
    Additional information:
    LAN Airline Baggage
    Tame Airline Baggage

    Cuenca Tours – Hotel Pick Up Locations

    -Casa Cuencana
    -Casa del Aguila
    -Casa de Las Rosas
    -El Dorado
    -Inca Real
    -Mansion Alcazar
    -Posada de Angel
    -Posada del Rey
    -Posada Cuencana
    -Santa Lucia

    What to Bring

    For a day trip to one of our local tours from Cuenca, we recommend you bring along these items.

    Walking shoes
    Bottled water
    Chocolate Bar
    Sun hat
    Sunscreen protection
    Lightweight wind/rain jacket

    Overseas Packing List

    If you are traveling to Ecuador from your overseas homeland, please find a suggested packing list for each of our regional destinations.